Sunday, December 21, 2008

Captain and Mrs. Miroshnikov

Ivan Dmitryevich Miroshnikov was a captain -- maybe in the Red Army, maybe in Poland, and maybe during the Great Patriotic War. Tamara Arsenievna Miroshnikov was fond of hats.

Nikitenko behind them died on Halloween, 1973.


darian94 said...

My name is Adrian Mirosnikov and Ivan and Tamara were my great grandparents. I have been searching my family history for about 15 years and cannot go back any further than this. I know that Ivan had many siblings but have no information. Is this tombstone in New York as this is the last place I know of them. Any help or information would be appreciated. Adrian

Paul said...

Sorry not to reply for so long, I don't maintain this blog very much.

This gravestone is in Spring Valley, New York. Here is a Google Maps link to its exact location: