Thursday, May 3, 2007

(Good) Lights, (No) Camera, (Passerine) Action!

rairie Warbler and Common Yellowthroat were ready for their closeups today at LSP, both taking star turns from 25-30 feet along the IC trail. Solitary Sandpiper -- thoroughly typecast -- lived up to his billing as a desperate loner, dipping in a puddle near the IC parking lot. Ovenbird, along with Carolina and Marsh Wren were, regrettably, only available for voiceovers. As expected, the comedy team of Canada Goose and Brant literally chewed the scenery.

Yellow-rumped (10) and Black-and-white Warblers (8) answered the casting call in droves, as did White-throated (50), White-crowned (30) and Chipping Sparrows (50+). Song, Savannah, Swamp and Field Sparrow made cameos, but Vesper and Lincoln's were not on set. Redstarts continued to steal scenes in supporting roles, as did Northern Waterthrushes, Blue-headed Vireos, and Magnolia Warblers. Towhee, Catbird, and Brown Thrasher were available for crowd scenes, and rounded out the cast of thousands.

Two thumbs up.

Back with an evening report soon enough.

PM Update: Not much to add, I'm afraid. Scared up three Wilson's Snipe on my way out at sunset, trying somewhat laughably to pass themselves off in the middle of the grassy parkland as -- what, guys? -- golf divots?

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